What am I flying on ?

What am I flying on ? is the reference about airplanes which are flying right now above your head. The app let you find your airplane just by typing a name, a code or a manufacturer. The app is for everyone from the person who wants to know which plane he is will be seating in to the plane lover with really specific data.

Created as a WWDC15 project and was then released.

Data is the core of the app. Just find out the codes of your plane (IATA & ICAO), the number (and the max) number of seats, the required take-off/landing field length, the rate of climb, the flight range, the maximum cruise altitude and the wing span !

Beautiful images coming from Flickr are there to represent your plane.

Manufacturers, learn more about them and their planes. Check out a short summary, main planes created and their release year.

Search your plane by name, code or manufacturer !

There are more than 70 planes and we keep adding some.

Version 2.0 :

More information here.

Version 2.1 :

Layout changes were made to improve user experience.

Check out the data offline after the first download !

Added CoreSpotlight, 3D Touch and Peek and Pop.

Development notes :

I created some other extensions to What am I flying on ? using Python and for developer use.

PlaneCreator is a little script that I made to add up directly data from my console to Firebase which then leads to a better experience for user. Data is checked and all of it is available at the same, reducing the bugs caused by missing fields.

Press :

An article about me and my app was published shortly after the initial release. It is available on Appcoda or here.

Data :

Interested by the data I have ? Contact me.